Wilcherry Hill - Mining & Infrastructure

Mining Project Stages

Development at Wilcherry Hill is proposed in three stages termed 1, 2 and 3.

Stage 1 comprises mining, crushing and export of Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) with the ore being sourced from the upper parts of the mining pits.

Stage 2 comprises mining and processing of ore through a Dry Magnetic Separation (DMS) plant to produce a beneficiated product from material mined deeper in the pits.

Stage 3 comprises mining and processing ore through a Gravity Separation (GS) plant to produce a beneficiated product from material mined deeper in the pits at Weednanna and other nearby sources, particularly the Hercules deposit.

Strategically the Stage 1 development of the project is aimed at establishing a positive cash flow position, which will enable IronClad to progress further exploration and develop larger scale projects within the Wilcherry and Hercules tenements.

Stage 1 Mining Overview

Stage 1 of the Wilcherry Hill Iron Project involves the mining of iron ore on Mining Lease ML6391 from three deposits known as Weednanna, Weednanna North and Ultima Dam East.

This project will use conventional drill and blast; load and haul open cut mining for delivery of ore to a ROM pad at the centrally located processing facility.

From the ROM pad the ore will be fed through the initial crushing and screening process to produce Direct Shipping products (DSO) or the crushed ore will be fed into a Dry Magnetic Separation (DMS) plant to beneficiate the ore to a higher grade product.

The intial production rate is 1Mta product in the form of lump and fines with a target grade of 58% Fe.

The product will be loaded into double road train tip trucks and carted by road to Lucky Bay on the West side of Spencer Gulf near the town of Cowell.

Stage 2 Mining Overview

Investigations have been undertaken into Stage 2 which will be beneficiation by simple Dry Magnetic Separation (DMS) process. The strategy for Stage 2 will be to upgrade non-DSO grade magnetite mineralisation in fresh or oxidised ore (probably >40% Fe) to produce a saleable product using the low operating and capital cost DMS technique.

 Extensive testwork on a range of Fe head grade samples has shown that it readily upgrades to a saleable concentrate grade using a combination of low and high intensity magnetic separation.  Given the significantly greater volume of mineralisation at a 40% Fe cut off, an expanded production rate may be possible.  Further studies to finalise the optimum process flow are planned to occur during Stage 1 production when bulk samples can be sourced for pilot plant testing.

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